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HollyHi and welcome to my Herbal Health & Fitness Blog.  I’m Holli The Kool Herbalist and I’ve been studying health and wellness and using herbs for over 20 years. What I’ve discovered is that in order to stay Fit and Healthy and enjoy the years that you’ve been given you have to make a Life Style Change!!!  It’s not about a fad diet or quick weight loss program, it’s a journey that you’ve started that will continue on for the rest of your life.

A lifestyle change is all about YOU. It’s about lining up your eating and physical activity with your goals and desires. Success is defined in terms of how these changes make you feel about yourself. Making a lifestyle change involves an internal and permanent change in your relationship with food, eating, and physical activity. You recognize that the primary problem isn’t what you eat, or even how much you eat, but how and why you eat. Eating fusionlogocirlclesmindlessly and impulsively (without intention or awareness) and/or using food to manage your emotions and distract yourself from unpleasant thoughts—this is what really needs to change. Learning to take good care of yourself Spirit, Soul, and Body—so that you don’t want to use eating to solve problems it really can’t—is a lifelong learning process that is constantly changing as your needs and circumstances change.

The best way to approach theses changes is what I call the Fusion Lifestyle.  What is The Fusion Lifestyle? It is a combination of healthy eating, herbs, and many forms of exercise coming together to create A Pathway of Healthy Living for your Spirit, Soul and Body.

I created this blog so I can share some of the knowledge I’ve gained over the years with you.  I will try to provide you with a mix of information on Herbs, Health and Wellness, Healthy Recipes etc., along with my own line of Herbal Products Try It Or Buy It. Please pour yourself a cup of herbal tea and enjoy.  “Knock Gently Friend what ere Betide, The kettle’s on so come Inside.”The Kettles Hot

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