BC Week 2 Day 2-3

6 Week Boot Camp Week 2- Day 2 and 3.  If you did the 21 Day Daniel Fast and are now doing Our “Don’t Stop Keep Going” 6 Week Boot Campthen you’re probably seeing some weight loss or at least feeling a little better about yourself.  If not, remember not everybody is the same.  4 8 12 weeksYou didn’t put the weight on in a day, therefore you can’t expect it to come off in a day.  It’s going to take hard work and determination to get the weight off and keep it off.  This is a Life Style Change your making.  A new approach to the way you think, how you eat and how you weight-lossexercise, don’t expect it to happen overnight.  This is definitely a “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”, type of deal.

With that being said let’s take a look and see if there is more that can be done to speed up the weight loss process and get your body into the best shape it can be. Let’s talk about metabolism. Metabolism is “the set of life-sustaining chemical transformations within the cells of living organisms. These enzyme-catalyzed reactions allow organisms to grow and reproduce, maintain their structures, and respond to their environments.” In other words, metabolism converts the fuel in the food we eat into the energy for moving, thinking, growing etc. If you have a sluggish metabolism then you’re going to burn calories slower.  The slower you burn calories the slower the weight loss process.  You can control this by making a few simple changes in your lifestyle:

1.  Sleep more. The amount of rest you get each night doesn’t only affect your mood and productivity the next day,  it also affects your metabolism. Sleep-deprived individuals have a decreased ability to manage blood sugar levels and also find themselves hungrier (particularly for high carbohydrate foods). So, sleep more for a healthier metabolism. (Win, win!)

2.  Gulp down some water. Ditch the sugary soft drinks. Consuming water has a positive impact on how many calories you burn throughout the day.  Hydrating with water also saves calories over alternative beverages and plays a key role in helping to regulate whole-body metabolism especially during exercise. Get Fit

3. Eat Healthy.  A consistent diet rich in fruits, veggies and healthy fats will speed up the metabolism tremendously. All the exercise in the world will not get you that six pack you want to see or the definition in your arms and legs unless it’s combined with a proper diet.

4.  Exercise regularly.  Body composition has a huge effect on how quickly someone’s body burns calories. Alongside your regular workout routine ramp up your metabolism by building muscle through lifting weights.

Even though you think you’re doing everything right the weight still may not be coming off the way you want it to. Here are some reasons why:

1. You’re not pushing yourself in the gym.  It happens all the time. People stick with the same weights, do the same exercises and basically stick within their comfort zone when they should be changing it up. If you want to see a change in your body you need to keep progressing forward. Our bodies are amazing at adapting to our routines so you need to keep it on it’s toes!!! Change your weights, change your reps, change your intervals!!!

2.  You eat great during the week and undo it all on the weekend.  I think we all do this from time to time, you eat reasonably well all week so you feel the need to reward yourself on the weekend. Now I’m all for a treat but some people eat bad from morning to night both days – just because it’s the weekend. Try to limit yourself to one or two treat meals during the weekend. There is nothing worse than working hard all week only to undo most of it on the weekend. All the little snacking really adds up and you need to be aware of that.

3.  You’re not prepared to eat healthy. Eating healthy day in and day out takes preparation, it doesn’t just happen. You need to plan out your meals and make sure your cupboards are stocked with healthy food. Meal plan and take the time to figure out what you’re going to make in advance. If you take an hour or two out of your day on Sunday to prep your meals for the week it’ll make everything else so much easier. You want to be prepared not tempted. You need to be ready each and every day to wake up and make positive food choices and that can only happen if you plan ahead. losing weight

Remember it’s a long term process.  Consistency and Determination will bring Results!!!  Have Fun, Do More, Try Harder!!! Be Well.




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