BC Week 3 Day 1-2

6 Week Boot Camp Week 3- Day 1 and 2.  Did you get at least a little rest yesterday??? I hope so because, your halfway through our “Don’t Stop Keep Going” 6 Week Boot Camp and sometimes jump inthe 3rd week of a program can be the most challenging so let’s Jump right in and get it done!!!

Let’s take a look at some supposed Health Foods that you think you’re reaping benefits from but are in fact doing you way more harm than good.

1.  Fruit Juices:  Fruit juice is like fruit with most of the good stuff removed. All that is left is the sugar and a few vitamins. Orange juice, orange juicefor example, contains the same amount of sugar as Coca Cola. There’s no fiber in it, and nothing to stop you from downing massive amounts of sugar in a short amount of time. It is much better to avoid fruit juices and eat real fruits instead.

2.  Whole Wheat: It is true that whole wheat is healthier than refined wheat. But this does NOT mean that whole wheat is healthy. whole grain breadsThere are plenty of good reasons to avoid wheat… both the refined and the whole variety. For example, wheat is the main source of gluten in the diet and a large part of the population are gluten sensitive which can cause digestive problems. It may also cause Vitamin D deficiency. Just because it looks brown and has the word “wheat” in the name, does not mean it has lots of fiber and whole grain. The first ingredient listed on the ingredient label tells the story. If it’s “wheat flour” or “enriched bleached flour” (or similar), that tells you white flour was mostly used.  Look for labels that say “100% whole wheat” or “100% whole grain,” and don’t settle for anything less. If it’s 100% whole wheat or whole grain, the first ingredient listed in the ingredient label will reflect that. You want whole grains in your diet because they’re naturally low in fat and cholesterol free; contain 10% to 15% protein, and offer loads of healthy fiber, resistant starch, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

3.  “Heart Healthy” Vegetable Oil: Oil-bottlesPrime examples are industrial seed and vegetable oils like soybean, corn and cottonseed oil. These oils contain very large amounts of Omega-6 fatty acids, way more than your body needs. We need small amounts of these fatty acids in the diet, such as the amounts found in meat and nuts. Eating too much of these fats can lead to inflammation, which is a leading cause of many chronic diseases.  Try to use 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Coconut Oil for cooking and baking. 

4.  Low Fat or Fat Free:  When the anti-fat message started, food manufacturers started producing “healthy” products that were low-fat or fat-free but to which they added chemicals, artificial sweeteners and massive amounts of sugar to increase the flavor.  This is how they managed to turn perfectly healthy foods like yogurt into very harmful products filled with unhealthy ingredients. light-fat-free-foods A diet too high in these refined carbs and sugars can be as unhealthy as a high-fat diet because it increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and causes high cholesterol levels. Jared Koch, a nutritionist in New York and the founder of Clean Plates states, “most lowfat or fat-free foods will have sugar and chemicals to make up for the loss in taste, which renders them poor nutritional choices.Bottom line, Stay away from these products all together.

5.  Margarine and Fake Butter:  The most notable example of these is margarine. It used to be loaded with trans fats, now it tends to contain processed vegetable oils instead. Butter consumption went down, margarine consumption went up. The problem with this is that butter is healthy in small doses.

no-more-margarineMargarine is NOT.  Grass-fed Butter, in particular, is an excellent source of the fatty acid butyrate and Vitamin K2, both of which can have powerful positive effects on health.  Margarine is a processed food, highly synthetic laced with additives and cheap, low-grade oils refined on an industrial scale, with harmful ingredients that can make you sick. Use Grass- fed Butter and throw away the margarine.

Try to stick to Fruits and Vegetables, 100% Whole Grains and Grain Fed Meats and you will find how much better you will look and feel.  As I always say do some research and find out the TRUTH about what you putting into your body.  Your Spirit, Soul and Body will thank you. Have Fun, Do More, Try Harder!!! Be Well.health food



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