Day 1

21 day daniel fast

Fasting is the practice of abstaining from all or some foods and drinks and involves sacrificing  foods that are overly processed containing too much sugar, too much salt, etc.  The Daniel Fast restricts your normal food intake to include only vegetables and fruits which is no sacrifice really. 

Fruits are important sources of nutrition to consume on the Daniel Fast. They contain essential vitamins, minerals fruitsand antioxidants your body needs to properly function. For example, C and B vitamins are powerful antioxidants that protect your body from free radical invasion and strengthen your immune system. They also contain good starch and sugars for added energy during your fast. ALL fruits are considered good to eat during the 21-day Daniel Fast including frozen.



Veggies are wonderful additions to include in your daily diet. Like fruits, they contain fiber, which promotes bowel and overall digestive health.  ALL vegetables including frozen are permitted during the Daniel Fast. For best results, steam a variety of vegetables or eat them raw.  Fruits and Vegetables can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner or as snacks. veggies





whole-grainsWhole grains such as grits, plain oatmeal, brown rice and wild rice can be consumed whole on the Daniel Fast. Whole grains are sources of plentiful fiber, B and E vitamins, magnesium, copper and zinc. Refrain from adding anything but water to your whole grain dishes. Breads with yeast and refined grains, such as enriched flour or most cereals, are not allowed on the Daniel Fast. Stick to unleavened breads.


Liquids are vitally important when you’re fasting. Make sure you try to drink 10-12 glasses of water per day starting with 2 glasses of water as soon as you wake up.  This will immediately flush out your body from toxins that have accumulated in your system.  You can also add fruits and vegetables to your water that will help promote weight loss such as lemon, mint,  cucumber and ginger.  Herbal Teas (21 Day Detox tea, green tea etc) can be substituted for water but make sure they are taken unsweetened.hhherbs21dayfastliquids


Proteins on the Daniel fast cannot be derived from meat or seafood, but can be gotten from beans, seeds and nuts. Consuming these foods during your fast is a beneficial way to improve your protein intake. Examples of these foods include kidney beans, black beans, lentils, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and almonds. Check the nutritional labels to ensure your nuts or seeds contain no added sweeteners or artificial preservatives. whole-grains




There are many benefits of fasting such as, weight loss, an increase in your metabolism, an improvement in your brain function and immune system.  Fasting allows for the body’s enzyme system to focus on detoxifying and breaking down toxins in the body quickly and efficiently without the job of heavy food digestion. During fasts, toxins are being circulated in the body in order for our organs to de-arm them. Therefore, it’s not always wise to detoxify quickly because a flood of toxins being released at once can cause serious distress to the body that can do more harm than good.

Fasting is a message to your body that you’re embarking on a new beginning, flushing out the old and bringing in the new and is the perfect way to introduce new healthy habits and foods into your life. It can give you that jump-start, boost clarity, and start things in a positive direction towards improving your well being Spirit, Soul, and Body.  Be Well.

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