Rest & Prep Day

Relax, Refresh, Prepare


This is your rest, relax and food preparation day.  Today slow down your pace a little and take a look at what you’ve achieved over the last week. Congratulate yourself on the things you’ve accomplished and see what can be improved also, take some time to prepare your meals for the next week so you save time and keep eating Healthy.  Just in case you need to justify taking a break lol, here are a few reasons why it’s vitally important. relax_renew_refresh

    1. Burnout- Working too hard for too long can cause you to lose focus and stop producing your best results. 
    2. Rest Is a RewardAn exercise break for one day a week can act as a reward for your hard work the rest of the week.  It is just as important to fitness as working out. Your body doesn’t get stronger during exercise. It gets stronger while it’s rebuilding itself from that exercise.
    3. Refocus – It is easy to get distracted and pulled off task. Taking a break can let you address those distractions and then refocus your energy on the more important tasks.
    4. Recharge – Everyone needs to “fill their tank” or eventually their energy reserve will reach zero. Rest is needed to let the body and mind recharge.
    5. Take Care of Yourself  – Life is a marathon, not a sprint. You can’t keep going at 100% without burning yourself out. Even top-notch machines will burn out if they are not maintained. Make sure you are maintaining yourself.
    6. Prepare– Keep it simple and healthy. Wash and prep fruits and veggies, cut them up and store them in containers or baggies in the fridge.  When you’re cooking make extra portions and freeze them and have snacks portioned and stored. Don’t forget to label!!!
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